Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan) is an ancient Chinese system of meditation, therapeutic exercise and self-defence, which harmonises body, mind and spirit. 

Our Taiji classes usually begin with Qigong (Chi Kung) or 'energy work'. These are exercises that are designed to free up the joints and promote the flow of blood and Qi (vital energy) around the body and through the organs and also to gain a greater understanding of the body and the mechanics of movement.

We then study the Taiji (taichi) form (either Chen style Laojia or Hexie) learning to move with grace and effortless power. These flowing movements, being part of the Chinese system of health, have amazing potential to strengthen the immune system, improve balance and mobility, re-pattern habitual tendencies, release/contact the innate vitality/vigour of one's body and energy - and much more.

We also practice partner work and pushing hands with an emphasis on traditional training methods and in a spirit of learning and co-operation. This means learning how to act and react with composure, trying to follow movement externally while remaining balanced internally and aiming to develop sensitivity and integrated movement. 

Our classes have a strong meditative element and truly seek to integrate body, mind and spirit for health and happiness.