DVDs and Books

Qigong & Principles of movement DVD.

Every year hundreds attended the morning workshops at the WOMAD music festival which were led by Phil, Emma and Alan Baker.

Now you have no excuses not to practise at home! This excellent dvd, recorded in real time, offers you- Alan leading a taiji warm up, Phil expounding on the philosophy behind taiji and showing some simple qigong, and Emma leading the powerful, energy-enhancing 5 Elements qigong set.

Yang Style Short Form and Qigong DVD.

Features a complete Yang style warm-up qigong set and offers a comprehensive overview of the Yang style 37 move form. Includes demonstrations of the complete form viewed from front and back (allows for following, as in a class setting) as well as the form broken down into twelve sections, each viewed from four directions for teaching and studying purposes.

Excellent value. Available from Phil and Em’s classes or contact Emma 07710 768 810

Tai Chi for Every Body.

Tai Chi for Every Body