Our Teachers

Master Chen Bing

Nephew of Chen Xiao Wang & Chen Xiao Xing, Chen Bing is considered to be one of the best practitioners to have ever come from Chen village. 

He was six years old when he started to train with his famous uncles, more than four decades later sees him as a highly skilled practitioner, superb teacher & outstanding tournament champion earning him the nickname 'Taiji Almighty'.

As disciples at Oxford School of Taiji and Qigong we are proud to have Master Chen Bing as both our Shifu and president.

Eva and Karel Koskuba

Our other/UK teachers are Eva and Karel Koskuba of the CIAA (Chinese Internal Arts Association). Karel is the Chief Instructor of Chinese Internal Arts Association. Eva is an instructor in Chinese Internal Arts Association and was the chairman of Tai Chi Union of Great Britain as well as a member of its Executive Committee and its Technical Panel.

Their teachers are Du Xianming (student of Chen Zhaokui, 18th generation Chen style; Chen Xiaowang, 19th Generation chen style; Yao Chengguang (3rd generation Yiquan).

Please look at their website for more information: CIAA


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