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Diary of Events


Workshops are in Wolvercote (call Phil - 07711 573750 for directions)

 Sundays  10-11:30am 12-1:30pm
 11th July

 Laojia  Structural Energetics           Qigong Hexie (Harmony form)
 18th July Laojia Silk reeling

 Hexie (Harmony form)
 25th July Hexie (Harmony form)  
  Eight brocades Laojia
 5th September Hexie (Harmony Form)
 Structural Energetics           Qigong
 12th September Laojia  Yijinjing

Hexie (Harmony form)
 19th September Laojia Open subject practice Hexie (Harmony form)
 26th September

 Hexie (Harmony form)  Eight Animals Laojia
 3rd October

 Hexie (Harmony form) 5 Element Qigong  Laojia 

Cost of Workshops-
                        £15 per workshop
                        (But if you attend 3 workshops in one day, 3rd one costs £5 only)

Taijiquan & Qigong Residential - (Sorry none this year)

A residential weekend of taiji, qigong & meditation organised by the Oxford and Three Treasures Schools of Taijiquan & qigong.  

Karel & Eva Koskuba Oxford Workshops.

A chance to study with Lineage Disciples of Grand Master Chen Xiaowang.

Karel & Eva are among the top Taiji Teachers in the UK. They have a clear, innovative & non-mystifying approach, combining deep insight into the ancient art of taiji with extensive study of cutting edge medical & scientific research on the body, mind & the 'bodymind'

   Sunday 11th October 2020

Morning Workshop (10-1pm) QIGONG

Afternoon Workshop (2-5pm)TAI CHI CHUAN -  Taiji Principles in Partnerwork

These workshops are open to practitioners of  all levels of experience and all styles.

        Cost:      £30 per workshop or £50 for both

        Venue:  Summertown Church hall, Oxford.      



Contact: Emma Westlake 07710 768810 or Phil Muil 07711 573750 or email us: info.oxtc@googlemail.com
for more information on retreat and workshops.